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Humanizing: a step-by-step guide for attracting new customers


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Craft beverage is being invaded by tech which promises to deliver the same liquid you could find commercially…from the comfort of your kitchen. Sound crazy? How could at-home appliances replace the in-person experience at a brewery, winery, distillery or tasting room?

We’ll start by taking a look at the trends influencing drinker behavior during and following COVID-19. Once we’ve sized-up the threat, clear plans of attack will be drawn for owners and managers to fend off the Robots at our doorstep. A clear understanding of how to market and sell in the current environment will help unleash your BRAND VIBE!

We’ve created this Guide to help sharpen your focus on customer needs, with storytelling techniques to keep fans engaged and the tools needed to build momentum and capture new sales for your brand.

23 Pages. PDF is a paid module of the Humanizing Workshop and may not be shared.


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