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Hollywood: a step-by-step guide to marketing like an A-List celebrity


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Why do actors like George Clooney and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson have their own tequilas? Perhaps they love a brand and want to help it get to the next level. Or they respect the producer and believe in their story. Or maybe they just want something tasty to share with their friends at parties.

But what if you’re not [yet] lucky enough to have Matthew McConaughey and his wife Camila riding into the sunset without clothing in an ad for your brand? Or Ryan Reynolds promoting your liquid in one of his famously funny satires of modern drinking culture? How can you compete?

Here’s a hint: starting thinking like an A-Lister! We look at 70+ celebrity-craft beverage pairings to identify promotional tactics of the rich and famous.

25 Pages. PDF is a paid module of the Red Carpet Effect Workshop and may not be shared.

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