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Artificial Intelligence (AI): Tools for Sales and Marketing Teams


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Ready to ground your team in AI tools and their impact on the craft beverage industry? We’re now offering our Artificial Intelligence Workshop to new clients for $299. In it you’ll receive:

  1. One (1) hour offline audit of your brand’s customer-facing marketing efforts.
  2. One (1) hour video conference to discuss getting the basics right.
  3. One (1) hour video conference to start creating content using AI tools.
  4. Downloadable workbooks and Guides.

Enter with an open mind about Artificial Intelligence and leave with a blueprint that’s immediately actionable for your craft beverage business. Recorded video from each meeting will be made available for sharing with the rest of your team for training purposes.

Once purchased, you will be contacted by Market Your Craft to arrange meeting times convenient for you and your team. Any questions, just reach out!


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