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AI: A Step-By-Step Guide for Leveraging Artificial Intelligence


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Will AI recommend your brand to new drinkers?

It’s virtually impossible to scroll through your newsfeed without seeing a new headline about ChatGPT. Schools have banned the tool. Lawmakers are using it for speech writing. It’s passing law exams and writing code. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is having a moment due to its ability to answer questions as if you were talking to a human.

But should tasting room owners and managers be scared?

Your business may be one of dozens or even hundreds of search results. We believe work done now to craft your unique brand story help you rank higher in AI searches. And your team will benefit from AI to support marketing and sales functions. We’ll also evaluate tools to successfully incorporate Artificial Intelligence into your brewing business, including services for generating text, images, video, audio, ad creative, customer service responses and sales analytics.

20 Pages. PDF is a paid module of the Artificial Intelligence Workshop and may not be shared.


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