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Now is the time to stand out, not to blend in.

MARKET YOUR CRAFT WAS BORN out of the idea that wine, spirits, beer and non-alcoholic brands are all competing: for attention, relevance and customers. Buyer behavior has changed, and businesses are struggling to keep up. What’s needed is guidance on how to survive and thrive in this new selling environment.

OUR GOAL : provide your team with the tools and confidence needed to attract and engage your customer. Here you’ll find the resources and step-by-step instructions needed to grow your craft business, supported by a team of field experts nationwide ready to help.  Together, we will design a blueprint for marketing your brand that continues to learn and evolve over time with the changing beverage industry.

Customers purchase from businesses they believe in.  Show you stand for something with strong mission and vision statements supporting your product and brand stories.  Hint: it goes deeper than your origin story ⇲

They may not be the reason you got into the beverage business, but they are surely responsible for your success. Speak with customers in their language or risk losing them forever. How do I know if my messages are missing the mark ⇲

Research your competition and what they’re doing to attract buyers in your market, then make plans to gain share by telling a more engaging story. Tips on how to study the industry without stalking ⇲

Clear the path for fans and prospects to love your brand. Be deliberate about how and when you use media to let customers know the door is open. Why is “brand discovery” important ⇲

Successful marketing is an asset to business, similar to a new piece of production equipment. Support your plans with a clearly-defined budget that learns and grows with you over time. Where do I start ⇲

Develop a marketing focus within your organization and identify the resources needed to bring your plans to life. When are outside services like agencies necessary ⇲

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