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Events: A Step-By-Step Guide for Successful Activations


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Are your events tired? Do businesses down the street crush it while you’re fully stuck in the Trivia Thursday rut? Have you run out of ideas on how to draw a new crowd to your tasting room other than BOGOs and weekly food trucks? And do drinkers pre-game at your place, only to spend a bulk of their evening (and dollars) somewhere else?

Time to wake up your events! Stop suffering from schedule sleepiness!

We believe events are some of the most underutilized tools for bringing your brand story and personality to life. Contrary to skeptics who think otherwise, festivals are not yet dead and there are plenty of opportunities to sample your target drinker. We’ve created this Guide to help you design a buy-or-build strategy for event activations, complete with the tools needed to drive traffic, build engagement and capture new sales for your brand.

19 Pages. PDF is a paid module of the Events Workshop and may not be shared.


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