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Market Your Craft is a virtual team of experts in storytelling your craft beverage brand. Led by Scott Kolbe, industry veteran of 20 years, our goal is to help you become more discoverable in today’s crowded market. We measure success by how quickly we provide your internal team with the tools needed to drive traffic, build engagement and capture sales.

Together we’ve worked for some of the most iconic beverage brands, including:

Who is the owner of the business?
Scott Kolbe filed for an LLC with the DBA of Market Your Craft in February 2018.

Are you accepting new clients?
We’d love to speak with you about your business and how our services match the current need. We are actively engaged with a number of clients at one time, some in the same industry, but you can be confident that your proprietary information and assets will not be shared outside of our project team. Let’s start with a video call to see what’s on your mind and how Market Your Craft can help.

How can a brand start a dialogue with you about service needs?
It all starts with reaching out and starting a conversation about your business. We’re excited to learn more, and we’re always quick to help audit your current marketing efforts and identify the opportunities to help differentiate you from your peers/competitors. Let’s start with a video call to see what’s on your mind and how Market Your Craft can help.

Do you work with clients in a particular geographical area?
There are amazing brand stories that aren’t yet being told all around the world! However, practically-speaking, we do our best work in North America at this point, engaging with clients from coast-to-coast. Members of Market Your Craft are available for in-person and virtual client meetings, workshops and launch events as dictated by the project.

Are you willing to travel to my market(s) to experience the brand firsthand?
Understanding how the brand performs (and is perceived) in key geographies is vital to designing high-performing efforts for those markets. This function best falls under consumer insights and research – two areas that help inform growth strategies and targeted marketing efforts. Necessary business travel will be built into the project plan at the start of the engagement.

Do you just focus on beverage marketing or do you service other industries as well?
Our team is definitely passionate about beer, wine, spirits and other fermentables! However, the building blocks of brand storytelling are common to most if not all industries, geographies and audiences. We believe a clearly-articulated brand story is vital for successfully marketing any business. We’re happy to explore your industry to see how our services match you need.

How does your big brand experience translate to a brand my size?
Both established and growing brands have challenges engaging fans and attracting new customers. Which is why we start engagements with the fundamental building blocks of a good brand story. From there, the content marketing strategy scales to what’s most appropriate and effective for the customer. Brands of any size are then able to see the immediate and long-term value of their marketing spend.

Do you have people working with/for you?
Our virtual organization is easily scaled to meet the needs of any client, established or growing. In most cases, those resources assigned to your project will have a 1099 relationship with Scott Kolbe unless we decide that a direct relationship is more beneficial. If we’re not the right partner for the project, we’re happy to connect you with a specialized marketing services provider that better matches your needs.

How are prices determined?
We charge based on time invested and resources used. These prices are either per hour, per project or on-retainer. All prices are discussed and agreed upon at the start of the engagement. We do our best to identify third-party or pass-through costs upfront, but generally include a 5% overage.

Do you have any references that we can contact prior to doing business with you?
We are happy to provide the contact information of current and past clients with their permission.

Will any of my brand’s information be shared with other businesses or competitors?
The information you share about your brand and business is important to us. Once we have entered into an engagement, any details shared will be covered by a standard non-disclosure agreement for the duration of the engagement.

Is working for multiple brands in the same industry considered a conflict of interest?
We want our clients to have the confidence their intellectual property, sales, operational processes and other information will be kept confidential for the length of the relationship. All signed engagements follow standard terms and conditions and include a non-disclosure statement.

How will we be invoiced and billed? What are the terms of payment, etc.?
Invoicing, billing process and payment terms will be agreed upon at the start of each engagement. Many of our Guides can be purchased and downloaded using a secure checkout process. Other work may start with formal acceptance of an estimate and finish with an invoice, usually payable Net 30 by ACH, PayPal or check.

Is your site secure? Is my information safe?
We have a SHA-2 level SSL certificate issued by and second-level trustmark certification through McAfee for Issued to individual websites, this level of certification ensures that any personal information like email and credit card information is only captured using 2048-bit encryption.