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The beverage business is no longer exciting.

Refusing a drink photo for excitement postIn the 1980s and 90s, craft producers were investing heavily in advertising, events and trade marketing to help build awareness. Distributors represented a manageable roster of brands and Retailers were open to new SKUs, promotions and sampling programs. Life was good! So what happened?

Everyone wanted in on the action. Hobbyists rushed to commercialize; Distributors swallowed up more brands; and Retailers struggled to find shelf space for it all. Drinkers were overwhelmed by choice and loyalty programs emerged to reward repeat purchase. New media offered 1:1 connections to help cut through the clutter. Crisis averted, right?

Fast-forward to today. Tens of thousands of craft breweries, wineries, distilleries, cideries, meaderies, kombucharies and other producers are all competing for drinkers and usage occasions. And when quality liquid and a welcoming tasting room are table stakes, Marketing is the pathway to next-level growth. But how do you stay ahead of an industry moving at breakneck speed chasing trends and [new] consumers?

We’re a team of dreamers and doers, passionate about all things beverage with the Marketing creds to match. We’ve worked with some of the biggest brands in wine, spirits, beer and non-alcoholic, from both the office and production floor. And following a great corporate run we started a company to share what we know works with emerging brands

Every touchpoint with your drinker is an opportunity to connect emotionally. Your messaging and content should be authentic, relevant and informed. But far too often craft producers stop short of sharing who they are and why a drinker should care, so they don’t look any different from their peers. That’s where storytelling your brand comes in.

We’ve created a series of Workshops and Guides to help define your brand story and inform your Marketing efforts. We call this our BRAND VIBE methodology, helping unleash the stories trapped inside your liquid so you can drive more traffic to your tasting room, engage new/existing drinkers and capture more sales. We’ve also spoken at dozens of industry events on topics ranging from Storytelling to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and everything in-between.

Share the excitement!

We’d love to learn more about your craft beverage and help share your exciting brand story! Would you like to share your information below so we can connect?