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Content: a step-by-step guide to digital storytelling


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It’s hard to imagine any business meeting today where content isn’t part of the conversation. Companies are scrambling to create the next popular YouTube video or social post in hopes of cutting through the clutter. But is pressing the “viral” button even possible/practical? Most craft beverage producers want more strategy around content, but aren’t sure where to start. We’re here to help.

Together we’ll uncover your company’s unique fingerprint – the origin, mission, vision and product/service statements – to craft a brand story fit for consumers. Then we’ll use that story to help direct your content creation and curation efforts to support new drinker discovery.

We’ve created this Guide to further sharpen your focus on customer needs, with storytelling techniques to keep fans engaged and the tools needed to build momentum and capture new sales for your brand.

17 pages. PDF is a paid module of the Content Strategy Workshop and may not be shared.


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