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Brand Vibe Workshop


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Get all six (6) of the BRAND VIBE Workshops – Tell Your Brand Story, Know Your Customers, Know Your Competitors, Engage Your Audience, Create A Marketing Budget and Identify Talent To Execute – everything needed to plan your Marketing and Sales strategies for the year! Each Workbook contains examples and exercises meant to guide your team through the process at their own pace.

Each BRAND VIBE Workshop comes with six (6) hours of remote or on-site facilitation with one of our experts. We’ll help sort through what’s sacred in the storyline and what’s optional, sharing an outside perspective to help brainstorm, iterate and ultimately define your brand in a single sentence. Then the same rigor used to audit your brand’s marketing and sales efforts will be used on the top five (5) competitors you identify. Best of all, you can download all six Workbooks immediately to get a jump on your next planning cycle. Does not include travel expenses.

84 Pages. PDF is a workbook of the BRAND VIBE Workshop and may not be shared.


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