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What Challenges are Craft Beverage Producers Facing?

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Tradeshow season is here and the team at Market Your Craft is deep into prep work for event sponsorships and speaking engagements, including The Great American Beer Festival, Ontario Craft Brewers Conference and Craft Beer Professionals Connects and Virtual Conferences. One conference organizer asked, “What are craft beverage producers talking about right now?” Knowing the spirit of the question was to ensure the educational sessions and guests addressed critical Marketing and Sales concerns, we came up with the following list:

  • Contract brewing
  • What’s next after craft beverage festivals [go extinct]
  • Getting drinkers to leave their house

Brewer photo for challenges postWhy did we focus attention on these topics and not others, like closures, consolidations and acquisitions? What about changing consumer tastes and buying behaviors? These and many, many others are of course top-of-mind in the craft community right now. But we all want to see what’s around the corner, not just what’s right in front of us, so we can be better prepared for what’s next. These topics will continue to grow in importance over the next six months. Industry feeds show a growing number of producers making their excess production capacity available for others as a contract service. Sit in on any Distributor meeting and listen to big-name brands talk about pulling money out of marquee sponsorships and consumer festivals. And not only are fewer 21-30-year-olds drinking alcohol, but those that are drinking prefer to do so from home and not out.
What do you think? Is one of those top-of-mind for your business?


Breweries, wineries, distilleries and functional craft beverages engage Market Your Craft on a variety of assignments: from strategy to tactics and everything in-between. We’d like to know what is the most challenging issue you’re facing right now and how we can help. What’s the one thing we can quickly help your team deliver?

Perhaps you’ve put off connecting your Point-Of-Sale (POS) system to an email service for sending newsletters to customers. Your team has wanted to participate in local events but hasn’t had the bandwidth to start the conversations. You’re wondering how and when is the right time to communicate with Retail accounts or your Distributor Reps. Or you could be both excited and confused about the prospects of Artificial Intelligence (AI) creating content for your social team.


We’re a team of experts with over 20 years navigating the craft beverage industry. That gives us great perspective on what works and what doesn’t. Plus the experience and best practices to back it up. After supporting some of the biggest brands in beer, wine and spirits, we pivoted to provide executives with the guidance and tools needed to propel business forward. One project, one engagement at a time. So chances are good we’re familiar with needs like yours, or we’re in a position to help you connect with others.

Engagements could last a week, a month or even years. We’ve filled interim leadership roles in organizations, helping build Sales and Marketing disciplines from the ground-up. We’ve sourced partnerships and services to catapult business forward. Now we’d like to earn the opportunity to be a resource to you and your team.

How this works: visit and describe the critical challenge(s) faced by your business. After we receive your project description we’ll reach out to set up time to discuss within two (2) business days. If together we agree that the project is a fit, we will provide a written estimate of time and expense needed to complete. Once approved, Market Your Craft will cover the first four (4) hours of the time estimate (up to a USD$400 value). The time and expense balance due will be invoiced at project completion. If together we agree the project is not a fit, Market Your Craft will share a code good for one (1) free download of any Guide (up to a USD$99 value) as well as make connections to other solution providers who may provide value. Offer subject to change. Valid for new craft beverage businesses in the United States between 8/18/23 and 11/1/23.

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