Wine Road of Northern Sonoma County

If contemporary wineries market themselves as representative of a lifestyle and place, Northern Sonoma County’s Wine Road is truly a collection of history, personalities and culture that paints an accurate picture of today’s diverse wine industry. With nearly 200 wineries and over 50 lodgings participating, the Association protects and promotes the interests of its members, who collectively represent a world-renowned destination for experienced and new wine drinkers alike. So, for a state that produced over 575M bottled gallons of wine in 2017, leading the nation in most categories, why should we be concerned about the next 5-10 year outlook? The answer is surprisingly simple:

Your customer has changed. Has your marketing?

Having a winery in one of the most exclusive grape growing regions in the modern world – comprised of the Alexander, Dry Creek and Russian River Valleys in Northern California – is no longer itself enough to guarantee double-digit growth year-on-year. The same is true for many craft beverage producers: great liquid no longer sells itself! Telling your story to a broader audience gives you a chance at growing sales beyond your loyal core, engaging look-alikes in strategic regions where you can establish a foothold.

You’ll find Market Your Craft uniquely qualified to deliver tactically with your team, having worked in wine, spirits and craft beer, on both the marketing and production sides (including time as an assistant brewer). We empower owners and managers to build a marketing focus and momentum internally. Which is why we’re advisors to the craft industry and not an agency: often all you need is a little help getting started. Download the PDF to share with your team.


Market Study: Wine Road

Wineries in the Alexander, Dry Creek and Russian River Valleys have opportunities to grow traffic, engagement and sales. Purchase the marketing review of 182 craft wineries today to help understand this growing craft market.

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