Sharable Content

When you understand your competitors like you do, it’s easier to identify sales opportunities left on the table. Plan to grab those sales with the help of a roadmap leading to rich, sharable content supporting your brand story. Let’s shout your brand story from the rooftops!

Oktoberfest content strategy photo

Oktoberfest at Sacramento’s Turn Verein

Content is the copy, posts, photos, video, packaging, point of sale and anything else that leaves your customer with an impression about your company. Together we’ll step through the seven components of a content marketing strategy, or the deliberate plan for how and where you plan to communicate your story:

Identify content worth discovering & sharing

  1. A company positioning statement
  2. A brand positioning statement
  3. State the desired experience
  4. Describe key customer insights
  5. Identify owners and process
  6. Define measurable goals and performance expectations
  7. Evaluate delivery channels

Format(s): live, video, webinar
Tool(s): workbook, template, group build