Competition and Brand Positioning

It’s perhaps uncomfortable at first to step outside your role as a business owner and start thinking like a current or perspective customer. Now that you’ve clearly defined your customer persona, it’s time to get to know your competition.

Companies may be similar in what they produce, how they distribute and who their ideal customer is. Part of identifying ways to stand out in a crowd is researching how competitors are telling their brand story. Learning from your competitors’ efforts helps you tell a better brand story.

I’d like to help you and your team complete a competitive marketing analysis to best position your brand and voice in a crowded craft beverage industry:

Outsmart competitors by spotting opportunities

  • Describe your competitor’s business
  • List your key competitors
  • How do customers view your competitors
  • List all the ways your competitors are engaging customers
  • How consistent is your competitors’ messaging
  • Which channels are most important to your customer
  • Score and rank competitors’ storytelling ability

Format(s): live, video, webinar
Tool(s): workbook, templates, group build