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Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Craft Beverage Sales

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Does all this talk about Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools have you excited for the future or hiding out in a bunker until it passes? Have you tested ChatGPT, Microsoft’s Bing or Google’s Bard by asking it questions related to your business? Did the last article make you curious as to whether chatbots could draft your social media posts? Do you want to understand how it all will impact craft beverage, but you’re not sure where to start?

And have you had nightmares from the AI-generated beer commercial that instantly went viral last week, featuring a backyard barbecue gone wrong?

We get it. We were right there with you. That’s why we dove headfirst into figuring it out. Which led us to the following approach to AI tools:

Work done now to craft your unique brand story will position you for the eventuality that Artificial Intelligence will help new drinkers find your tasting room.

Artificial Intelligence tools can do some – not all – of the heavy lifting to make marketing your craft beverage easier.

We’re offering a workshop on leveraging Artificial Intelligence for just $299.

Some of our favorite clients wanted to get ahead of this, so we created a workshop to step them through what we currently know about this new marketing paradigm:ChatGPT Featured Logo

  • ChatGPT is a chatbot that has been trained to respond to queries in a conversational way.
  • Instead of getting thousands of results, ChatGPT responds with a handful of recommendations.
  • This clears the pathway to “Yes” for a consumer looking for a [quick] answers.
  • Problem is, the data used to train ChatGPT was two years old, so accuracy was an issue.
  • Microsoft invested billions to integrate ChatGPT into their Bing search engine.
  • With access to the world’s index of [digital] information, answers became more timely/relevant.
  • Google hurried to catch up with their Bard chatbot, soon to be incorporated into search.

And while you can argue the technology is still in its infancy, the truth is:

If you’re not showing up in search engine results, you won’t show up in Artificial Intelligence chats.

Which is why you have to get the basics right first before being part of the [current] AI conversation. We designed the workshop to start with an audit of current marketing efforts before making recommendations around three fundamental principles:

  • Build authority using owned media
  • Build engagement via social channels
  • Build buzz through press and competitions

Friends drinking on a patio photo for Artificial Intelligence promo postClients were relieved to know that work done to improve their search engine ranking now would also help them gain relevance in AI chatbot conversations over time. Early buzz around AI and craft beverage marketing prompted Craft Beer Professionals to invite us to speak on the topic at their Spring Virtual Conference. Cheers to everyone who attended! It encouraged us to go further down the rabbit hole, exploring AI as a content-creation tool for craft beverage producers. Don’t believe a bot could draft copy for your business? The results in our last article may surprise you!

And while ChatGPT, Microsoft’s Bing or Google’s Bard aren’t qualified to craft your Brand Story, About Us pages or content only you could know, try asking it to write 3 social media posts from existing product descriptions, like the example below from our friends at Commonhouse Aleworks in North Charleston, SC:

Bing Commonhouse Aleworks 3 Social Posts image


They’re NOT 100%, ready-to-post without edits. But they DO generally conform to Twitter’s guidelines for formatting and length; they’re creative and upbeat in keeping with a new product launch; and they even include #hashtags for relevance and cross-promotion. So, we can easily see the team member in charge of social media posts drafting a calendar of content and tweaking for accuracy in less than half the time it might take to start from scratch. This frees up your team to work on other areas of promoting your craft beverage business. Plus services like Sprout Social have started incorporating ChatGPT functionality into their listening, publishing, customer care and advocacy tools (we called that one!).

Ready to ground your team in AI tools and their impact on the craft beverage market? We’re now offering our Artificial Intelligence Workshop to new clients for $299. In it you’ll receive:

  1. One (1) hour offline audit of your brand’s customer-facing marketing efforts.
  2. One (1) hour video conference to discuss getting the basics right.
  3. One (1) hour video conference to start creating content using AI tools.
  4. Downloadable workbooks and Guides.

Featured image for Social AI postEnter with an open mind about Artificial Intelligence and leave with a blueprint that’s immediately actionable for your business. Recorded video from each meeting will be made available for sharing with the rest of your team for training purposes.

Google incorporating Bard functionality into search is just around the corner. Don’t get left behind as Artificial Intelligence continues to evolve. Leapfrog your competitors and build confidence in your team’s ability to address new marketing opportunities for $299. Purchase before June 30, 2023, and get an additional Guide at no cost (a $99 value). Choose from over ten Guides to dive deeper into a Marketing and Sales topic of interest to you and your team.

Once purchased, you will be contacted by Market Your Craft to arrange meeting times convenient for you and your team. Any questions, just reach out!

Act before June 30, 2023, and get Sprout Social for your business for just $149*!

Sprout Social logo for social reporting emailUnderstand and reach your audience, engage your community and measure performance with the only all-in-one social media management platform built for connection. The team at Market Your Craft has seen this firsthand with clients using Sprout Social to access listening, publishing and performance data from a single, intuitive interface. We partnered with Sprout Social in 2018 to provide craft beverage brands with the same best-in-class tools used successfully by over 30,000 companies worldwide. We’re happy to pass-through our partner pricing and take a back seat to managing content if you’d like. Or we can help get you up-and-running quickly by setting up the platform and initial reporting for your team. With Sprout Social, you’ll get industry-leading social management for your brand, including:

Understand your audience
Uncover trends and actionable insights from social data to inform marketing and brand strategy.
Reach your audience
Plan, organize, schedule and deliver content as a team with cross-network social publishing.
Engage your community
Streamline social monitoring and improve responsiveness with a unified inbox.
Measure your performance
Drive strategic decision making across the business with rich social data and dashboards.

You get all this, plus Advanced Tier Reporting and Analytics starting at just $149/user, including 3 social media profiles*. That’s over a $300 savings off of retail pricing! Current integrations include Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, Google My Business, Google Analytics, Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Trip Advisor, Glassdoor and Yelp. Contact Market Your Craft for details.

*Sprout Social offer details: $149/user/month with a 6-month minimum subscription; additional users can be added for $150/each; additional social media profiles are available for $29/each. Market Your Craft is an authorized reseller of Sprout Social.

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