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Market Your Craft Speaking on AI and Beverage Marketing

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Did you see that Google released their own generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) chat offering in response to Microsoft Bing featuring ChatGPT? From Google:

Bard is an experiment based on this same technology that lets you collaborate with generative AI. As a creative and helpful collaborator, Bard can supercharge your imagination, boost your productivity, and help you bring your ideas to life—whether you want help planning the perfect birthday party and drafting the invitation, creating a pro & con list for a big decision, or understanding really complex topics simply.”

Google Bard invitation image for Craft Beer Professionals postBased in Google’s LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications), Bard is a conversational AI model capable of fluid, multi-turn dialogue (or back-and-forth interactions between user and bot). Since November when OpenAI gained worldwide attention for its latest version of ChatGPT, Google has been touting two years of prior work with LaMDA to try and steal some of the spotlight. However, ChatGPT has registered over 150M users; received billions in investment; and was incorporated into Microsoft’s Bing search tool. Google is clearly trying to play catch-up.

Last week we were invited to beta test Google’s Bard offering. Currently we’re running it through the same paces as we did ChatGPT and Microsoft’s Bing in previous articles. You can expect us to compare results in our next article. But in the meantime, we’re excited that Market Your Craft was invited to speak at the upcoming Craft Beer Professionals 2023 Virtual Spring Conference held next week. Join us Tuesday, April 4th, at 11:10am EST, for our presentation titled, “Would ChatGPT Recommend your Brewery to New Drinkers?” With the objective of getting ahead of Artificial Intelligence from a craft beverage marketing perspective, we dive deep into how overlaying a conversational response engine on both Google’s and Microsoft’s massive indexes of current web content streamlines the consumer pathway to Yes! by fine tuning the results of a query. Remember: we’re talking about culling thousands of web results down to fewer than ten in a query such as, “best tasting rooms near me?”

Wouldn’t you like to be included in those results?

Register today for an informative session benefiting beer, wine, spirits and all craft beverage producers.

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Craft Beer Professionals Spring Virtual Conference
Monday, April 3, through Wednesday, April 5

Would ChatGPT recommend your brewery to new drinkers?

Tuesday, April 4, 2023, 11:10AM EST
It’s virtually impossible to scroll through your newsfeed without seeing a new headline about ChatGPT, the latest, most robust version of the Artificial Intelligence Chatbot from OpenAI. Schools have banned the tool. Lawmakers are using it for speech writing. It’s passing law exams and writing code. It’s having a moment due to its ability to answer questions as if you were talking to a human. But should brewery owners and managers be scared?

Robot image for Craft Beer Professionals postWe’ve talked at length about making your tasting room more discoverable in a “brewery near me” mobile query. Your business may be one of dozens or even hundreds of search results. So, what value would ChatGPT or other AI tools offer consumers in a similar search scenario? The answer seems to be a faster pathway to “Yes,” filtering large datasets into smaller, more focused responses in an engaging, interactive way. Imagine a complex question like, “businesses near me that serve beer in a family-friendly environment with a private event space,” returning 10 results versus 1,063. Who wouldn’t welcome more personalized results delivered conversationally?

We believe work done now to craft your unique brand story will position you for the eventuality that Artificial Intelligence will help new drinkers find your brewery:

  • Build authority using owned media
  • Build engagement via social channels
  • Build buzz through press and competitions

It’s too early to predict where ChatGPT and other Artificial Intelligence tools will provide the most value. We can be sure, however, that Microsoft, Google and other A-list tech companies will continue exploring ways to integrate AI into their offerings: first for free as they collect data and fine-tune the services, and then in a monetized way for advertisers and subscribers. Presentation attendees have access to 10+ Complimentary Guides to help sharpen your focus on customer needs, with storytelling techniques to keep fans engaged and the proven tools to build momentum and capture new sales for your brand.

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