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Craft Beer Professionals Fall 2022 Virtual Conference

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We’re halfway through Sober October and the momentum behind Non-Alcoholic Beer couldn’t be greater! Clients are asking how to get started, and new breweries are asking what the buzz is about. Owners and managers are having the tough conversations about brewing their own or buying commercial brands. And then, once NA Beer is part of the lineup, teams are learning how to talk about it.

Breweries large and small are recognizing the important role Non-Alc offerings play in the growth of their business:

  1. Guests want NA options
  2. NA helps diversify guest checks
  3. Low- and no-alcohol drinker behavior is on the rise
  4. Healthy, lifestyle products are booming

For the past two weeks we’ve been hitting the road for one of our clients, Partake Brewing Company, generating awareness for their line of Non-Alcoholic Beer. And the response has been overwhelmingly positive! Starting with sponsorship of the Designated Driver Lounge at the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) during Denver Beer Week and continuing the conversation at the National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA) Annual Conference in Chicago, drinkers everywhere are surprised a Non-Alcoholic Beer actually tastes good 😊 Then when you talk about the low-cal and -carb benefits, you immediately awaken a part of their brain that never considered NA as an option. And that engagement is crucial for promoting both the brand AND the NA category overall.

When craft breweries participate in the NA movement,
beer quality will continue to improve.

Whatever stage of NA investment you’re in – from producing your own to casual observer – we encourage you to learn more about the Non-Alcoholic Beer, Wine and Whiskey space and how your drinkers are responding. Non-Alcoholic Beer has been a hot topic during CBP’s Fall Virtual Conference, starting yesterday with Ben Jordan for ABV Technology talking about the NA brewing process and equipment options. Today the team at Market Your Craft takes center stage, discussing the build-or-buy decision breweries must make and how to incorporate NA Beer into your storytelling. And tomorrow there’s a great session discussing online beer advertising with Devon Hoffman from Site-Seeker. Won’t you join us?

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Craft Beer Professionals Fall Virtual Conference
Date: Monday, October 17, through Wednesday, October 19
Craft Beer Professionals is a national network dedicated to the growth and betterment of the Craft Beer industry. CBP unifies and elevates the industry through educational content, peer to peer dialogue, and unique community events. Market Your Craft will be presenting Tuesday, October 18, at 4PM ET, a session titled, “What do you mean there’s no alcohol?! Sales and Marketing strategies for your non-alcoholic beer. We’ll take a look at the estimated $6B non-alcoholic beer market in the United States and what your brewery can do to tap into that growth. Together we’ll review the fundamentals of an effective non-alcoholic promotional strategy with examples across social, digital, public relations, ecommerce and email.

See the full conference agenda and register at Craft Beer Professionals

If you’re attending the Ontario Craft Brewers Conference next week, be sure to stop by and introduce yourself! Market Your Craft will be presenting, “Storytelling: Share Your Superpower,” on Wednesday, October 26, at 11AM ET. Then at 1PM ET we’ll be moderating a panel discussion on social media titled, “Unlock Social Media for Your Brewery.”

See the full conference agenda and register at the Ontario Craft Brewers Conference

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