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Our anniversary, your complimentary guide

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Toasting photo for complimentary guide postWe wanted to hit pause for a second to thank everyone for another great year. This spring marks our third year helping the craft beverage industry drive traffic, build engagement and capture new sales. Using proven strategies and tactics, we continue to expand our business across geographies and craft categories, now including non-alcoholic and functional beverages. What we knew to be true in our gut has played out in successful business case studies across all of our clients: high-performance storytelling moves the needle, especially during the pandemic. And as we near some sort of finish line, after which life returns to the new normal, those brands that worked tirelessly in the last year to build awareness and engagement will be rewarded with momentum and customer energy post-COVID. We’ll definitely toast to that!

In celebration of our third anniversary, we’d like to review the most talked-about marketing topics during the past year; share access to four webinars delivered at recent national conferences; and give you one of our downloadable Guides for completing a short survey.

Our goal is always to provide content of real, practical value to you and your team. Bi-weekly newsletters, workshops and other resources are designed with you in mind, so let us know how we can help support your craft beverage business. Read on for exclusive benefits available only to newsletter subscribers.

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Sanitized table photo for complimentary guide postAs we said in our 2020 Review, the team at Market Your Craft made the conscious decision on March 17, 2020, to refocus our efforts to support the marketing needs of craft beverage brands during the pandemic. No one could have predicted its impact or duration, so what started as a brief series on how to maintain composure while messaging COVID-19 morphed into a singular, year-long focus on the topic. With over 25 articles written to provide just-in-time solutions to challenges faced by craft beverage producers, here are the top five most widely-read topics:

  1. COVID-19 messaging guidance for your craft beverage business
  2. Using video to market your craft beverage during crisis
  3. What you and your team can do to support frontline workers
  4. 5 ideas to continue engaging customers
  5. Consumers are still hesitant to visit your tasting room

We provide these articles and resources as a service to the craft beverage industry. Know of someone who would benefit from our newsletter? We would love an introduction!

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Conference organizers were again forced to pivot this season, with speakers from around the world conducting virtual presentations and workshops from their home offices to thousands of attendees. However awkward and impersonal, video and streaming tech has become quite polished and sophisticated, and our use of it nearly second-nature. And while we were hoping for more in-person opportunities by this point, we were thrilled to be invited to present at two nationwide conferences recently. Please enjoy the links to all webinars and downloadable resources below:

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[Re]Build Your Brand With COVID-19 Insights
Overview: Chances are you spent that last year following one of these brand positions: business-as-usual, customer-hyperfocus or duck-and-cover. With the new year arriving and optimism on the horizon, now is the time to learn from the past and map out your future content and brand strategy. Attend this session to learn how to create value-add content all-the-time to engage customers and accelerate brand growth — the content marketing way!

Maximize Your Content Pipeline
Overview: This past year pushed us to the [content] limit, forcing businesses to get creative around driving traffic, building engagement and capturing new sales. Producing high-quality, on-brand content became a priority, prompting investment in teams and systems to help manage delivery at-scale. Learn how to flex your content planning, map out timely and topical messaging and optimize content to engage the “new” searcher and reader.

Gain A Competitive Edge Using Advanced Tools
Overview: The typical marketer doesn’t spend much time following the competition. Their customer, however, is doing just that, assessing how a brand stacks up against alternatives. Attend this session to get ahead of the competition with proven tools to measure your storytelling and brand discoverability. Identify performance strengths and gaps relative to your peer group with the goal of controlling greater share of mind and market.

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A Glass Half Full: Marketing and Branding Tactics to Help You Thrive Throughout the Pandemic
Overview: Congratulations—you’ve endured a year of the pandemic, and it appears that the worst may be behind us. So, what’s next? Smart businesses will make time now to optimize both their brand and their marketing strategies. Join Glenn Clark of Crafting a Brand and Scott Kolbe of Market Your Craft to learn how high-performance branding and marketing work together to drive traffic, build engagement and capture new sales this summer and beyond.

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While there’s an end in sight for the current state of COVID, it’s important to stay the course until everyone is comfortable with the new normal. We want to hear your thoughts on how your marketing has changed during the pandemic. After completing a short, 3-minute survey, you will receive a discount code for one of our downloadable Guides redeemable on, including:

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