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The craft beverage business has changed, are you planning to lead or just keeping up?

If you’re not evolving to meet drinkers where they are, you may quickly become irrelevant. Storytelling ensures they prefer your beverage, not the competition. Your BRAND VIBE package includes one (1) hour of introduction; market and competitor research; a custom workbook; up to four (4) in-person or virtual workshops; a Blueprint document to help guide Marketing and Sales activity for the coming year; and a list of recommended immediate, mid-range and long-term projects around social media, events, email, public relations, website and Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools.

Workshops from $1500

Tasting room photo for excitement post
Tasting room photo for excitement post

Drinkers will find you online, but only if your website follows industry best-practices.

Customers are interested in the path of least resistance to trying new brands. Successful beverage websites tend to feature the same content and functionality, so why pay more than necessary? Your WordPress or Shopify site re/design includes a mobile-first template; an engaging homepage experience; product catalog; company pages; contact forms; food menus; calendar of events; and optional shopping cart and product locator. Connect to POS systems, social media channels and email services like MailChimp or Klaviyo. All in complete compliance with CAN-SPAM, Privacy Law and Beverage Alcohol Advertising Guidelines.

Websites from $1500

Actively managing your brand’s social media engagement is mission-critical.

The average person in the United States has 7.1 social media accounts and spends 145 minutes/day browsing. Sprout Social is a social media management platform trusted by 20,000+ world-class brands and organizations of all sizes. Since 2018 we’ve partnered with Sprout Social to provide craft beverage brands with the best-in-class tools used for social listening, publishing, engagement and analytics. We’re happy to pass-through our partner pricing and take a back seat to managing content if you’d like. Or we can help get you up-and-running quickly by setting up the platform and initial reporting for your team.

Subscriptions from $120/mo

Tasting room photo for excitement post
Tasting room photo for excitement post

Empower your frontline sales agents with high-performance trade marketing.

Organizations of any size will benefit from strategic, deliberate communications with trade partners. We’ve established the Trade Marketing discipline internally for clients, including staffing, onboarding, demos, newsletters, data capture and performance reporting via tools like Airtable and Promomash. We managed digital advertising, discounts and IRCs for national chains and independents using Inmar Intelligence, Neptune Retail Solutions, Vestcom and BYBE. And we introduced Absorb LMS in 8 languages to incentivize Global Sales Associates, plus Adobe Workfront and Extranet for sharing electronic resources.

Custom packages available

Use digital media to extend the relationship with your brand online.

Woman with VR headset photo for website redesign post

Reach new drinkers using more engaging, digital media.

Young adults at a festival photo for recession post

Sponsorships and retail demos help build brand awareness at scale.

Tasting room photo for collaboration post

Support Retailer and Distributor partners to drive sales growth.

Robot image for Craft Beer Professionals post

Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help automate marketing tasks.

we help new customers
discover your
we help new customers
discover your

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