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Caramel Apple Day

#CaramelApple | Consider promoting seasonal/Fall beverages, especially apple and caramel flavors. NOTE: similar to any Halloween posts, be sure of your audience. Photo by Affy… Read More »Caramel Apple Day


You may have special events around Halloween which can be promoted via social, in addition to special releases. NOTE: be careful not to post anything… Read More »Halloween

Oatmeal Day

Primarily geared towards the breakfast food, but as marketers we can stretch it to include craft brewers. Promote: innovations around Oatmeal Stouts and styles with… Read More »Oatmeal Day

Carignan Day

Carignan is a red grape variety of Spanish origin that is more commonly found in French wine but is widely planted throughout the western Mediterranean… Read More »Carignan Day

Chocolate Day

#NationalChocolateDay | Consider promoting dessert pairings and chocolate-flavored beverages.

American Beer Day

#CraftBeer, #DrinkLocal | An opportunity to promote the American craft beer industry and the over 8,000 breweries nationwide. As a brewery: it’s tough when craft… Read More »American Beer Day

Pumpkin Day

#NationalPumpkinDay | The center of attention for decoration, food recipes, competitions and festivals this time of year. Consider: pumpkin-inspired food pairings and flavored beverages. But… Read More »Pumpkin Day

World Pasta Day

#WorldPastaDay | Opportunity to promote beverage pairings, especially wines that will complement red and white sauces. Did you know: first celebrated by the International Pasta… Read More »World Pasta Day