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Ohio ranks fourth in the nation in craft beer production with over 250 breweries in the state, creating 15,000+ jobs and brewing over a million barrels annually. With 20 of those breweries inside the city limits, Columbus has wholeheartedly embraced the craft beer industry and its brewers are gaining notoriety at the national level. There are new breweries scheduled to be open in 2018, in addition to some old favorites closing their doors. The community of brewers is very supportive, however market forces and the need to increase sales and loyalty while reducing overhead are realities breweries face every day. As an owner, brewer or team member, understanding what’s happening in this explosive Columbus craft beer scene is a business advantage.


We dove deep into the marketing efforts of all the local breweries so you and your team wouldn’t have to!

In the recently-completed Columbus Market Study, we examined the ways that local craft breweries communicate their beer across a variety of marketing channels including digital, mobile, social, loyalty, email, promotions, sponsorships and review services. What it uncovers is best practices in beer branding; missed opportunities to engage 21+ drinkers with a unique voice and story; and watch-outs to avoid. You know you have great liquid to offer your customers, but how do they know if you don’t tell them?! That’s where insights from the following 34 brands help build the case for marketing your brewery to stand-out, not just to blend-in:

Knowing what your brand stands for compared to others in the area is the first step to successful storytelling for every craft brewer, both established and growing. This information can be immediately put to use by your team, identifying quick-hit areas with significant impact. Start with what you own: updating your website for example. Then tell your unique story [consistently] whenever you’re in front of a customer. If you or your team run into a wall, let’s talk about it. As advisors to craft beverage, we can cater our efforts to exactly what your brewery needs to set itself apart from the competition.

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Market Study: Columbus

Breaking into the Midwest or expanding your Ohio business? Purchase the marketing review of 34 Columbus breweries today to help understand this growing craft market.

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Market Your Craft Beer

Overview of Market Your Craft services for the craft beer industry.

Synopsis: Columbus

Interested in the turbocharged view of Ohio's craft beer scene? In 3 pages I've scored each of the 34 breweries in Columbus according to their ability to tell a compelling brand story. Check it out!

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