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Just Released: Guide to Non-Alcoholic Beverages

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Did your company make the most of Sober October? Did you lean into the idea of broadening your selection of non-alcoholic options for customers, or did you run away? We hit the road building awareness for the NA category, starting with sponsorship of the Designated Driver Lounge at the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) and the National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA) Annual Conference in Chicago. Perhaps you were one of the thousands we sampled on flavorful, low-cal, non-alcoholic beers from our client, Partake Brewing. Then we delivered an overview of the non-alc category opportunity, pathways to get started and how to tell/sell your brand story to new audiences during the Craft Beer Professionals Fall 2022 Virtual Conference. We finished the month on a high note, crossing the border into Canada to present on storytelling and to moderate a social media panel for attendees of the Ontario Craft Brewers Conference.

Trip to Cabo photo for non-alcoholic beverages postWhew. What an amazing, crazy month! The only thing better than closing out October was opening a bottle of Pacifico on the beach at Cabo San Lucas! A quick Guys’ Trip was definitely in order after that!

Hopefully by this time everyone is starting to think about non-alc options for their tasting room. The team at Market Your Craft encourages craft producers in every category to participate at some level in the NA movement, which will continue to improve product quality. But where do you start, if not already? We recommend a very deliberate approach to offering non-alcoholic beverages:


Build or Buy
Understand the capital, time and other investment needed to produce non-alc options versus buying commercially.


Know the Competition
Shelf space at retail is exploding for NA options.


Identify your Drinker
What is the risk-reward of taking a position in non-alc?


Sell the Brand and Category
Create occasions for new/existing drinkers to say “Yes” to NA.


Define/Modify your Brand Story
How does your non-alc offering support your greater brand story?


Tell your Story
Use owned media to share your non-alcoholic message.


Sell your Story
Expand your audience with paid messaging channels.


Give drinkers a low-risk opportunity to try your NA beverage.


Test and learn with active listening to customer feedback.

With that we’re excited to introduce our most comprehensive Guide to-date:

Non-Alcoholic: What’s the Buzz About?

Non-Alcoholic Beverage SampleNon-alcoholic beer, wine and whiskey have a long runway – much longer than hard seltzers and other trends. We focus our attention on one category, beer, to illustrate proven marketing and sales strategies for all. We start by clearing up any misconceptions around non-alc beverages and why your team should care. Then we dive into the size of the NA market, with examples of sales upside during and following “sober” months like Dry January. What follows after that is a thorough discussion around pathways to enter the non-alcoholic space for your business and a basic blueprint for marketing, selling and evolving your offering.

19 Pages. Available for immediate download.

The team at Market Your Craft will continue to follow the non-alc space and leaders like Partake Brewing very closely, sharing insights and best practices to help you develop your own offering. Want to dive deeper on a topic important to your business? Just ask!

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