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Does your website reflect your brand personality?

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In my third newsletter I talk about the importance of brand personality and how my own website,, definitely didn’t reflect it! It begs the question: how many of us are conscious of how our customers view our [personal] brand? It makes sense to do an audit every so often to make sure that you’re continuing to engage your target audience. In this case I filled out a scorecard with different areas I felt were important for communicating a strong brand story and shared the results with clients. I included a link to a 90-second video that highlights the process of switching from my previous website hosting provider to, as well as selecting a WordPress theme that was more appropriate for my brand. Below is a link to the email on MailChimp and in a download format if that helps.

MailChimp archive:
You can also find past newsletter issues in the Downloads section.

And here’s the video:

Ultimately, it only took me 10 hours to migrate to and switch from the Carton Pro to Zerif Pro WordPress themes. Granted, I spent more time that that creating new pages to help tell the story…but if you want a wholesale brand personality revamp in not a lot of time, this is definitely the way to go! Remember to start with a good backup of your current site, whether that’s through a plugin or your hosting provider. If things head South, you can always go back to what you had before the change. And remember to always ask yourself whether or not your most loyal customer would find the website engaging; easy to navigate; and full of valuable content. Hope this helps, cheers!