Onsite Brand Vibe Workshop and Audit

How well do you tell your story? With the brand architecture in place, conduct a storytelling audit of your team’s current marketing efforts, including: social and digital media, public relations, brand image, product strategy, sales pitch/retailer relations, event and sponsorship model, taproom experience and other channels. 84 pages. PDF will be stamped with your unique[…]

All Brand Vibe Workbooks

Sometimes all it takes is a little coaching from an outside expert to achieve next-level growth for your brand. Market Your Craft regularly conducts onsite and remote workshops to empower your internal team. We’re providing all client workshop materials in downloadable format for you to complete internally at your pace. 84 pages. PDF will be[…]

Onsite Brand Vibe Workshop

What is your go-forward marketing strategy? Members of Market Your Craft moderate discussions at your location around each of the six (6) fundamentals of successful brand marketing, including: brand story, customers, competitors, content, budget and resources. Leave with a clear idea of next steps. 84 pages. PDF will be stamped with your unique order information.[…]

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