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Home » The author’s question: “Is storytelling in marketing bullshit?”

The author’s question: “Is storytelling in marketing bullshit?”

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I’ll give Jeff Hirsh from The Right Brain Studio credit for posing the question about storytelling, though I don’t entirely agree with his assessment. In his recent article, “Enough About Storytelling,” he talks on the one hand about the importance of storytelling to building brands, both today and historically. On the other hand, he talks about brands today relying too heavily on what looks like a storytelling “lite” version, or one that is done purely for marketing purposes to get a brand out of trouble. My response on his site:

Posted at 20:33h, 30 July
Thanks for the article. I agree with the comments made about the proliferation of media choice and the changing customer [decision-making process]. Though I feel that storytelling today differs from the past in the need – and customer demand – for transparency on the part of brands. In that way, today’s customer finds a way to equip themselves with tools necessary to 1) discover a brand, 2) decide for themselves whether it aligns with needs and values and 3) share with others. For that reason I’m optimistic that a small advisory can best even the biggest agency if they’re able to make that vital connection with the individual.

I can definitely see brands out there with the deep pockets and marketing principles to view storytelling as the fad du jour as he puts it, however I’m not seeing that with my clients. I see a genuine willingness to tell their unique story in a way that hasn’t been told before, because in general the smaller players are great at craft beverage, but new at marketing it. Jeff finishes off on a strong note by suggesting that, “[it comes down to] the imagination of the people you engage [in marketing] and the quality of their work.” My goal is to be that imaginative resource for my clients looking for a marketing partner to help build their brand.

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