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As advisors to the craft industry, we cater to the entrepreneurial mindset by focusing and expanding the capabilities of your internal team, using proven tools to help build a sustainable, differentiated story. The team at Market Your Craft has collected resources to start you on a path of best-practice beverage storytelling:

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Posts selected from clients using Sprout Social in combination with the social setting content calendar each month.

After finishing your brewing or winemaking tasks today, get outside! According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife there are 5,683 miles of hiking trails across the state. Be sure to #PackInPackOut if you're enjoying your favorite canned beverage along the way. https://bit.ly/2WyteJ5 ...

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Love Kombucha and want to brew it at home? Check out our kits from @OregonKombucha including Black, Jasmine, Pear Ginger, Strawberry, Coconut and Blueberry varieties. Each kit contains a live culture and enough tea for a one gallon batch. Start a delicious new hobby today! ...

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If you’re looking for feedback or advice on your beer, don’t hesitate to drop off a sample for the staff at Tom’s! Leave your contact info and some details about the beer and we’ll shoot you objective feedback via email on a BJCP scoresheet. #homebrew #bjcp ...

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Tom's Pick: each week we feature a new item to help improve your #homebrew or #homewinemaking game. We recently moved a number of wine kits over to the 30% off room in order to make room for new inventory. Priced as marked, time to stock up winemakers! 🍷 ...

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Are you coming to FallWinter Fest tomorrow?
We’ve already revealed that we’ll be tapping Black Saddle. We’re also going to be tapping our Barrel-Aged Barleywine, as well as some other surprises. See you tomorrow, Louisville!
#crystalspringsbrewing #csbc #beerislove

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Does alcohol expire? Fluctuations in temperature, exposure to light and oxidation may impact alcohol's shelf life. Liquor is considered shelf-stable but should be consumed within 6-8 months after opening. Beer above 8% ABV is generally more stable, while unpasteurized beer should be consumed within 3 months of bottling. Well-sealed wines have a good shelf life, but less expensive and organic wines should be consumed more quickly. #themoreyouknow ...

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Inventory Update! Healthy yeast produce amazing flavors in your beer. The OxyWand Wort Oxygenation Kit including an adjustable brass oxygen regulator, sanitary air filter, 4 feet of tubing, instructions and the 26" long 0.5 Micron Oxywand. Oxygenate your wort like the pros! ...

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New Release:
Blueberry Super Seltzer
Our Blueberry and Blackberry Super Seltzer’s are made with sugar and are 100% gluten free.
Sweet, fizzy, crushable.
We promise dark beer is on the way!
#crystalspringsbrewing #csbc #beerislove #seltzerislovealso

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Tempranillo is a black grape variety grown to make full-bodied red wine in Spain. Its name comes from "temprano" (early) because it ripens several weeks earlier than most red grapes. Tomorrow is the last day to order your Winexpert LE19 Terremoto Tempranillo kit at Tom's! ...

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