Non-Alcoholic and Functional Craft Beverages

Attend any industry conference and you are sure to feel the energy around non-alcoholic beverage. The research is indisputable: customers are increasingly conscious of what they’re putting in their bodies. A growing concern towards health issues like obesity are reshaping the non-alc landscape, prompting more functional beverages that offer some desired benefit in addition to a low calorie count. Other factors that contribute to growth of this segment include increasingly busy schedules, a migration towards cities from urban areas and disposable income.

A growing population of consumers is also more educated about their purchases, selecting brands and products that align with their own values. The distribution and retail models are also changing rapidly, where historically these products were sold through hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience stores globally. Today there is much more emphasis being placed on the handcrafted, artisanal nature of these offerings, and the tasting moment is more of an experience worth savoring and sharing.

Successful positioning of your non-alcohol craft in this environment should be guided by the Voice of the Consumer – a perspective that starts with those products, services and relationships that offer value to the target audience. Communication of that value is then personalized to the individual and consistent/integrated across all media. Activity that results is measurable and predictable over time and brand or product goodwill grows the customer base organically, creating incremental sales.

Market Your Craft barrel for postLow ABV, flavored waters, sodas, sports and performance drinks, kombucha and teas, spiked and non-alcoholic seltzers…we are in the middle of an evolution of taste. And, in some cases, the wild west when it comes to craft beverage producers scrambling to stake a claim in the CBD and THC infusion market. Whatever your pursuit, the team at Market Your Craft has proven marketing tools that help build successful brands both inside and outside beverage alcohol. The fundamentals of high-performance storytelling are the same: defining your brand story, understanding your customer and competitor, building a content strategy and budget and identifying the best resources to execute. Let’s talk about the impact your brand will have with a strategic blueprint in place for all your marketing efforts.
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