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Indiana Wines logoIndiana’s wine industry now contributes more than $2.4 billion to the state’s economy. Indiana wine sales have grown by more than 15 percent each year. Since 1989, the number of Indiana wineries has increased from nine to nearly 100. Those wineries grow grapes on more than 600 acres, a 300 percent since 1991. Today, Indiana wine production exceeds 1 million gallons a year (5 million bottles) — up from 40,000 gallons a year when the Purdue Wine Grape Team began its efforts in 1991.*

Scott Kolbe from Market Your Craft was asked to speak to a series of topics on Day 2 of the Indiana Horticultural Congress & Trade Show, February 11-13, 2019, intended to provide a value-add to attendees in the Wine Grape track. Together we reviewed the current state of craft confusion and crowding, with an emphasis on getting the fundamentals right to become “discoverable” for new customers. Having a blueprint for your brand then helps you make objective decisions about how and where you tell your story using high-performance media. Lastly we drilled down into one of the more hands-on opportunities to engage: experiential and events-based marketing.

Market Your Craft is an advisory group dedicated to helping craft beverage brands engage their customers at a deeper, more profitable level.  Established in 2018, we are a virtual network of experts in every field of marketing, located nationwide to best service your needs.  Collectively, we believe innovations in non/alcoholic brands will continue to shape the beverage landscape, both at retail and in local tasting rooms, in-step with growing preference for craft experiences and artisan products. We welcome the opportunity to connect with like-minded services and brands to support customer choice.

OUR GOAL is to provide your team with the tools and confidence needed to attract and engage your customer.

Please find below resources related to the presentations, including handouts, templates and quick-start guides that can be put to immediate use by your team to help drive tasting room traffic, increase customer engagement and identify new sales streams. Should you have any questions for Scott Kolbe or the team at Market Your Craft, please reach out.

Market Study: Indiana

Wineries in Indiana contribute more than $2.4 billion to the state's economy. Purchase the marketing review of 80 craft wineries today to help understand this growing craft market.

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Infographic: Indiana

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*Indiana Wine Grape Council. Retrieved from here.

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