Craft Wine and Bespoke Experiences

Women drinking wine in vineyardWinemakers are some of the most passionate and creative types you’ll ever meet, truly blending art and science in the bottle. Craft wine is just a sexy business: the people, the lifestyle, the growing regions and geographies…all factors that have contributed to vino’s successful run. And while the industry grew approximately 3.7% in the past year (9,785 wineries in the U.S. as of 10/18, compared to 9,434 a year ago), it is more challenging now than ever before to earn, much less retain, a drinker’s share of palate and wallet.

Shopper data and industry studies have shown greatest growth in what they call the “Super Premium” segment ($20-$30 retail), represented by 3,133 U.S. wineries (32%) by average bottle price, closely followed by “Popular Premium” ($10-$15) and “Premium” ($14-$20) segments. So the consumer is trading up either inside or outside the category…but are they choosing your brand when they do?

In an area of total craft beverage where the on-site, tasting room experience has forever been a differentiator, contemporary craft winemakers will benefit from pushing their marketing efforts beyond industry norms into new and uncomfortable territories. Ask yourself, “My customer has changed, but has my marketing?” For consumers that largely live online and engage with brands via mobile, it’s paramount to a winery’s continued success to reframe the traditional wine marketing model, using tactics meant to enable discovery and prompt action.

Market Your Craft barrel for postWe believe successful marketing starts with sophisticated data collection, streamlined processes and actionable reporting. Which is why the team at Market Your Craft has spent time working inside the IT departments of some of the world’s most iconic wine brands. Our experience in ERP and CRM platforms helps expose integration opportunities with point-of-sale, wine club management and ecommerce. And when all your systems are talking, you gain customer insights that sharpen your marketing focus. Whether planning for next-level growth or refreshing your established brand, we’re excited to help you establish a high-performing marketing discipline within your winery, maximizing the return on your investment.
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