Marketing Budget

You’re the Chief Storyteller for your brand! Now it’s time to play accountant, prioritizing opportunities according to reach, yield and marketing budget.

Budgeting dollars to support your marketing plans ensures they CAN happen. Developing a marketing budget gives you the confidence that there is money earmarked for telling your brand story using paid media channels.

Together we’ll walk through the eight steps to a better marketing budget – an investment in your brand, just like your investment in people and production:

Rutherford Hill Winery marketing budget photo

Harvest at Rutherford Hill Winery – CA

Build a budget without breaking the bank

  1. Organize your financial information
  2. Consider growth stage
  3. Know your sales funnel
  4. Estimate your operating costs
  5. Select a budgeting method
  6. Understand current and future trends
  7. Create a working budget
  8. Test, evaluate performance and optimize

Format(s): live, video, webinar
Tool(s): templates, simulation, group build