Customer Engagement

Once you’ve defined your brand story – unique to you and fundamental to engaging customers – it’s time discover what makes your customer tick and why that matters. They’re the reason you’re in business! Before sharing your story, take the time to get to know them: who they are, how they shop, what matters to them, etc. How would they react to your brand story? Customer engagement starts with a deep understanding of your audience, which helps us speak their language and connect. Successful brands often have multiple customers representing different sources of business growth. We’ll look at both your current and ideal customer.

I’m a proponent of creating a customer persona – a fictional buyer built from observations that will help inform and guide business moving forward. Let’s walk through the seven steps together to build actionable insights:

Talk with your customer like you would family

  1. Describe your current customer
  2. Describe your ideal customer
  3. Identify the difference(s) between your current and ideal
  4. What motivates them to buy
  5. What pain points do they experience
  6. What voice do they use
  7. Let’s give your customer a name

Format(s): live, video, webinar
Tool(s): workbook, template, group build