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Father and son with grapes at a wineryMaybe your cousin's friend built the website. Your son or daughter runs the social channels. And you take your turn behind the bar slinging drinks when you are short-staffed. If you're like most craft producers, you tell yourself you're "doing what needs to be done" to keep the lights on for another month. There are better days ahead, all you have to do is outlast the next guy. And what your team doesn't know now, they'll learn, so what's to worry about?

Ask yourself, can you afford to wait?

Wait to see how competition in your market responds? Give the team time to learn what's taken years and in some cases decades for bigger, more established craft producers to figure out? Take a chance someone else's story is attracting [your] customers?

The team at Market Your Craft believes with more conviction than ever that storytelling is the most effective tool for craft beverage marketers. What makes you different from others will be the 6-second elevator pitch that attracts new customers, with digital and social delivering the message. And while family members and friends have the passion, they don't always have the experience to get you where you need to go quickly. That's where we can help.

why work with Market Your Craft

We have experts in every area of craft beverage marketing available to help propel your business forward. How is this possible? Market Your Craft is a virtual agency with a central office located just outside Denver, CO. We assign a client manager to each new project who works with you to understand your needs and unique opportunity. A focused team of solution providers is then assembled to provide a complete estimate for services. Once a project starts, your client manager is the go-to person who makes sure our team communicates clearly and gets the project done in a timely manner. This model gives our clients access to the brightest, most experienced talent, without the overhead expenses of a traditional agency.

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  • Craft beer: our team gets beer! We have award-winning homebrewers, commercial brewers and marketers on-staff that understand the challenges and opportunities facing craft beer today.
  • Craft wine: successful marketing starts with sophisticated data collection, which is why our team has worked inside the Marketing and IT departments of some of the most iconic wine brands.
  • Craft spirits: members of Market Your Craft have worked inside advertising and creative agencies, both big and small, to help design sustainable spirits brands built to scale.
  • Non-alcoholic and functional beverages: from flavored to performance, kombuchas to seltzers, we have proven marketing tools that help build successful brands in the non-alcoholic space.

what to expect

If every one of your customers sat in the same seat every day like clockwork, you might not need marketing to operate a stable, predictable business. Fact is, your current customer will not be around forever. The craft beverage landscape is changing far too quickly to expect loyalty. Marketing introduces potential customers to a new business they may not have found otherwise. It's then up to the brand to quickly connect on an emotional level, capturing attention and prompting action. We call it BRAND VIBE, and it's our job to help you tell a unique and differentiated story that enables new customer discovery.

Every brand is unique, with different marketing needs and abilities. Our BRAND VIBE methodology starts with a strong brand story at its foundation and then crafts a multiyear, dynamic marketing strategy using proven tools and resources:

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  1. Write an impactful brand story
  2. Know how to talk with customers
  3. Define content worth sharing
  4. Outsmart the competition
  5. Build a marketing plan and budget
  6. Identify resources to execute

how much does it cost

As advisors to the craft industry, we cater to the entrepreneurial mindset by focusing and expanding the capabilities of your internal team, using proven tools to help build a sustainable, differentiated story. Having worked with some of the most iconic brands in the industry, we're happy to bring that experience to your tactical effort, large project or brand-defining strategy work. Let us know if we can help:

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Our team works with you to estimate your marketing opportunity on a project, retainer or hourly basis. For example: do-it-yourself tools are available for immediate download from $500-$1500; copywriters, photographers and videographers create original online and offline content for $100-$200/hour; and business strategy and branding work starts at $150-$250/hour. Once we meet with you to better understand your needs, we'll be able to scope the project that fits your timeframe and budget.

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