Wine Road of Northern Sonoma County Market Study

By many measures, wineries are in the most competitive market in history, with changes in buyer behavior and business models shaking up all corners of the industry. I have reviewed 182 wineries on the Wine Road of Northern Sonoma County and rated them on storytelling performance. There is low-hanging fruit available to wineries to help encourage new drinker discovery while preserving customer loyalty, including:

  • 83% of winery sites don’t use an age gate.
  • Customers see posts twice weekly from only 17% of the member wineries.
  • 32% of members provide tools to share or review wine online.
  • 4 out of 10 wineries fail to mention a company purpose.
  • 10 brands enjoy 45% of the total Wine Road social engagement.

I hope you find the full results of the Market Study valuable to your craft beverage business.

Wine glasses formatted for Twitter for Market Study: Wine Road of Northern Sonoma County
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